Adrift day 9

January 3rd, 1684

Aboard the newly rechristened Luna de los Mares.

It has been a long and exhausting seven months, but we have spent both time and gold wisely, and are now back in the water with the wind at our backs and our old lives behind us.

Ferdinand proved to be not only a man of his word, but highly skilled at negotiation as he went about scheduling and overseeing the much needed repairs to the ship. He was able to bring the repairs to a close while we still had quite a bit of our former captain’s gold remaining, and while I am still a novice when it comes to ships and sailing, the repairs all seem to have been first rate.

Ferdinand and I have put out with the ship again to see her through her maiden voyage to the new world. It seems as if I will indeed see the new world and set foot on her shores a man of means and respectability. We will acquire an office and dock spaces as needed once we arrive and begin our enterprise in earnest.

The port we leave behind was called Dientes del Fantasma. Upon closer inspection of several maps we found in the captain’s cabin we were able to discover that this place was likely to be friendly to shall we say ships of questionable registration. Once we offered the correct docking fees and made the right bribes, the doors began opening for us at every turn.

We discovered that Sato is indeed heathen to the core. He spent most every night in port wandering the streets drunkenly chasing after the local whores. He has made a number of friends in the port, and has begun learning smatterings of English, Spanish, and Dutch. It is a wonder any of us can understand a thing he says, but oddly enough we have almost formed a language of our own. Sato elected to accompany us back out to sea, and has taken the position of first mate under the captain Ferdinand was able to hire.

He’s young, this captain. Younger that I am comfortable with quite honestly, but he knows his way around a galleon, and takes no shortcuts with either personnel or maneuvering. I have had to trust Ferdinand’s judgment in this area as he has kept our best interests in all things since we arrived in the archipelago, and I have no reason to suspect he will change that way of thinking. The new captain, Santiago Bellino by name, has set us a hard course in an attempt to see just how well the repairs were conducted.

Giuseppe has left us, and this world, for good. He was supervising the removal of the cargo from the hold and was crushed when one of the larger boxes we discovered within the hold tore free of the rigging and fell back to the deck. We buried Giuseppe on the island and gave him a proper funeral, even though I have no idea what his religion might have been. I wish I could say he will be missed among our group, but I for one was relieved to have to hire a new cook. The man we now employ is slight, timid, and has little in the way of sea legs as of yet, but his cooking has morale aboard ship at an all time high.

With a new crew, good food in our bellies, and a skilled hand at the wheel, it barely resembles the same ship we limped into port on. She is once again a proud vessel, with a spotless name. She’s to be our fortune. Our livelihood. To the three remaining crewmen of the wrecked Sol de los Mares, the Luna de los Mares means everything. Thus we embark upon a new year with new hope under our feet and a world waiting for us beyond the horizon.


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