Adrift day 7

June 20th, 1683

Aboard the proud Galleon Sol de los Mares:

Giuseppe served his first catch today and it lifted our spirits as if we had found the greatest treasure man has ever known. He still sulks, but he has come around to a new way of seeing the world since Sato showed him his knife last. The man really is a pig, but he does the best he can with what he has I suppose. Something we have all learned to do of late.

The ship we sighted yesterday is now a distant spot on the horizon in front of us. They tacked well around us as Ferdinand predicted and put on enough sail to move well away by dawn. It is just as well. Trust is a fluid thing upon the ocean. It comes and goes with very little notice and is best not left to chance.

Sato was in a rare mood today, in that he was smiling like we have never seen. Ferdinand thinks we may be close to somewhere he is familiar with. I am not so sure. Perhaps he is simply happy to be back on a moving ship again. I know I feel the difference in the ship around us. She was meant to sail, not sit becalmed on the water for days on end. She is only happy when she’s sailing.

The winds today brought a break from the humid stifling heat we have endured since the storm passed us. Even when we were able to first fill our sails the winds were hot and unrelenting. Now they have turned and become cooling and wonderful to behold. Our dolphin friends returned today as well, jumping alongside the bow of the ship as we cut through the water, playing with us I think. They are odd creatures. They seem both childlike and wise at the same time. Fascinating in their own environment. I can only imagine what it must be like to speak their chattering language. They certainly live a far simpler existence that those of us on land can only dream of.

The noises in the hold are back. We have been down twice today attempting to discover the source, only to find things just as we left them. I do not think cannonballs are to blame.


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