I’m Blogger trash so excuse my lack of WordPress skills for a bit.

Anyway, about me…suffice it to say, I write. A lot. I can be wordy, verbose, and pretty much talk your leg off if you let me. But that’s the beauty of the internet. You can always just…click the X.

I’m a wanderer by nature and I love to explore, seek out new places and see new things. I dig everything about the outdoors and I’m an avid camper, skier, and all around outdoor guy. Recently I’ve discovered an interest in bicycling, so you might find me out and about doing that as well.

In general, I work a bit, write comics, enjoy sports, love football, dig a good wine, and generally find myself amused at how truly strange the average person I run across really is. To say I’m a people watcher would be accurate. But I’m also an interactor. I like getting right in the mix. If someone’s doing something dumb, I’ll help em out as much as I can. Cause…it’s fun to watch. Not to mention the jail time isn’t as high.


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