Goals are a good thing.

It has been one long hot summer, and that’s putting it lightly. But, things are cooling off and calming down, at least for the most part, and I like that. We’re in the new place, things are getting unpacked, and before long we’ll settle in to a sense of normalcy we haven’t known since we moved out to the Hill country in 2008. We’ve moved every year since then, for reasons like having a baby, to buying our first house together, and while it all worked out great at the time, the moves are getting stressful, and more than a little annoying. So we’re staying put here for a while, probably a couple of years, till we get the land we want and can build the house we want to stay in. It’s time to get comfy for a while.

Goal wise, I have a few. First, ride more. I’m still loosing weight, but not at the pace I want to, and that naturally precipitates a change in what I’m doing. I think I have the eating thing down, what I can and can’t eat and all that. Now it’s about increasing my activity level to the point where I’m burning at a much higher rate. I intend to do that with my trike by increasing not only my distances but also my gearing and intensity. My ultimate goal is to reach 50 miles a day for at least 5 days a week while I’m home, and do that in the fastest most challenging gear I have. If I can accomplish that goal, I’ll shed pounds like there’s no tomorrow and it won’t be long before I’m having to increase my calorie intake just to maintain. So that’s the #1 goal. Beef up the rides and take off the rest of the weight. My ultimate weight goal is to be 200 pounds.

Next up, a new trike. My thing here is to save up rather than just impulse buy the thing. I’m trying to train myself to make FAR less money, which I’ll have to do once I quit going offshore. So I need to get into the mindset of saving money for the things I want and setting these goals to that end. As such I’ve decided that my lettering money is going towards the new bike, and when I get it saved up to that point I’m ordering it for immediate delivery. I know what bike I want, and the grand total is gonna be right around $2700 bucks with the features and accessories I want on it. Right now I have about $100 bucks saved from lettering gigs, but that’s about to jump by about $500 bucks here very shortly once I complete the jobs I have on tap right now. So goal #2, new trike via saving.

Sure, I have other more long term goals, like completing my degree, building the new house, a long distance bike tour, and finding work in the real world, but for now, these are my short term goals. I think they’re doable in the next year. So we’ll see. I’d also like to finish my novel at some point. 🙂


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